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hello! im new, and a friend mentioned to me that i should post that i sell sex toys, and im VERY well educated in what is total crap and whats not, here are a few of my favorite ones....these are for sale, and obviously are new, they are coming straight from my shop, so yah, if anyone is interested, or wants an educated opinion of toys or what have you, as me,
i take money orders for all you that dont have credit cards, im game.
just post comments if you are interested, or if you want, email for privacy, take care and happy yanking!

this is the BEST toy ever i swear, its the miss bliss, vaginal and clitoral stimulation, anotomically brilliant, this company makes their toys with silicone, so its meant to last, and be hygenic, (silicone is non pourous) its an australian company that is fronted by two women who make five prototypes, make their girlfriends try them out for size, and base a toy on their feedback, this toy has cleared out my ENTIRE toybox, now there is just this, and the oh my lube (as is listed here)

the wabbits, these are made by the same australian company, and they go on the fukuoku finger vibe, (as listed below) the ears vibrate at a higher speed because they are seperate from the main vibrating unit, so it creates a nice tickling sensation. you can get it with or without the fukuoku unit, and it comes in different characters, a koala, a kiwi bird and a platypus. all uber cute.

the seal is meant to be an external vaginal stimulator, its face is the clitoral stimulator, the feet stimulate and move the labia to the side, and the tail stimulates the inner super sensitive area of the vaginal opening,

oh my, appropriately named, good for hypersensitive girls, and for girls looking for a good lube, the hemp oil acts as an anti fungal (yeast detourant) and the grapeseed extract is a very mild, natural nonoxonyl nine. EVERY ingredient is totally natural, and this lube rocks, hands down, warning tho, HIGHLY addictive (just cause its so good)

the infamous fukuoku, sue johansen wont get this thing off her finger, a nice wireless high pitched vibe that comes with a cute carrying pouch, three different textured sleeves and two sets of batteries, this toy rocks, (and if you put it on your cheek when you are giving oral sex, it makes your mouth vibrate, youll thank me for that tip later)

this is a great little book on female masturbation, i give a copy to my staff so that they can be enlightened in the ways of flicking ones bean.

another WONDERFUL product of oh my, this has l-argenine, so it dialates blood vessels in the clitoral area, making it erect, and creates a cooling sensation that makes clitoral orgasms and stimulation easier to reach, and even if you get them easy as it is, gives a completely different wonderful sensation all together

i have the entire kama sutra line, dongs, silicone, leather, lingerie, books, just ask!
im also available for info!

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