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new here

hi all. I've just joined this community.

I was involved with a guy who was Canadian and he first introduced me to sue when I was visiting him, this was before they started showing her show on oxygen, so I lost track of her for a while. Then one night I was watching TV and they were showing a promo for oxygen, and I heard her voice. and I was like I think that's sue, and sure enough it was. I watch it all the time. She's been such an inspiration to me. Before I started watching her I felt very guilty about masturbation and about sexuality and my body in general, and I would never have considered buying sex toys. but I'm totally open to anything, and I don't judge people and their life style. not that I ever really did, but she's just opened my eyes to so many different things. So I thought I would join this community of people who like sue just as much as I do.

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