Me and my boyfriend have been having some problems, it's a loooooong story. But i recently found that he was suddenly masterbating and using his old porn again, after a year of it going untouched. For many reasons that i will not bother explaining this bothered me. So i asked him to compromise with me and if he threw his porn away we can go buy some new porn and make it ours, something a little more classy and not just geared towards men. So that we can enjoy it and each other together, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any good ones that won't make me think "geez i'm stupid." thank you and goodnight.

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hi all. I've just joined this community.

I was involved with a guy who was Canadian and he first introduced me to sue when I was visiting him, this was before they started showing her show on oxygen, so I lost track of her for a while. Then one night I was watching TV and they were showing a promo for oxygen, and I heard her voice. and I was like I think that's sue, and sure enough it was. I watch it all the time. She's been such an inspiration to me. Before I started watching her I felt very guilty about masturbation and about sexuality and my body in general, and I would never have considered buying sex toys. but I'm totally open to anything, and I don't judge people and their life style. not that I ever really did, but she's just opened my eyes to so many different things. So I thought I would join this community of people who like sue just as much as I do.

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I am a 22 year old gay guy from Ohio. I first fell in love with Sue Johansen while living in Canada a few years back and was delighted when I was flipping through the channels and saw her show on TV here! There's just something about the way she can be totally serious and use the word "chin dong" all while holding a rubber phallus to her face that makes it so enjoyable. I'm glad I found this community!! :) :) :)
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Name: kim
Age: 15
Skin type: its pretty pale right now i guess
Preferred method of tanning: Bed is all ive tried
Products you use currently: none (lookin forsum ideas)
Do you tan easily?: no?
Skin care: lotion

sum questions:
*last time i went tanning last may maye i went for one week startd 5 mins the first day and i think i made it up to 15 mins by that thursday and i had suh bad su burn i felt like i was going to die my body was shakkin because it itched soo badly and my body was beat red.. so wat im asking is has any 1 else had this problem my mom thought maybe i was allergic to the bulbs but i thought maybe cuz i went in for long to fast and i just used the cup of lotion they gave me... im goin to go back to tanning probally tomarrow but i wanted to go to a place were i could find help.. any suggestions?